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Dried New Zealand Wild Spiky Sea Cucumber

Dried New Zealand Wild Spiky Sea Cucumber

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Specifications (Weight per Sea Cucumber)
 S: About 2-4g M: About 4-6g L: About 6-9g XL: About 9g or more

  • Made in Australia
  • Place of Origin: Eastern New Zealand and nearby areas 
  • Taste: Soft, sticky and apparently thorny. Rich in gelatin

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  • Storage method: Place them in airtight containers with a cool and dry place
  • Soaking method: Soaking rate about 6-8 times (by weight)

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  • Nutrients: Contains high level of protein, calcium, collagen, vitamins and other trace elements 
  • Efficacy: Good for skin. Replenishing blood and calcium. Enhancing immunity system

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