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Concubine ginseng with flowers


product introduction

The concubine ginseng with flowers is named as concubine ginseng because the orange tendons in this sea cucumber are the ingredients called 'concubine clam' or "coral clam" in general restaurants. Many customers think that it is a kind of clam meat, but it is actually produced by the sea cucumber that lives near the Antarctic waters. It is full of umami and has high nutritional value. This kind of sea cucumber lives in cold water areas all the year round, and its growth rate is much slower than that in hot water areas, resulting in very thick flesh and good gelatin. There is also a very precious treasure in this sea cucumber, which is the sea cucumber flower. The sea cucumber flower is also called "the gold in the sea cucumber". The reason why it is called is because the sea cucumber flower is the most nutritious part of the whole sea cucumber. The higher the value, the longer the age of the sea cucumber. The medicinal value of sea cucumber is the best. It can inhibit cancer cells and improve human immunity, which has been recorded in Chinese medicine books and foreign sea cucumber functional studies.


  • Seafood should not be eaten by those suffering from cold, cough, phlegm, acute enteritis, dysentery and allergies
  • As long as gout patients do not eat too much, it will not cause gout attacks
  • Sea cucumbers are not easy to eat with glycyrrhizic acid and vinegar, which will reduce the nutritional value of sea cucumbers
  • In the same way, it is not easy to eat with acidic fruits. If you can't tell what is acidic fruit, please don't eat fruit for about two hours after eating sea cucumber
  • Although sea cucumber has high nutritional value, rich in protein, and has a springy and refreshing taste, please do not overeat it!

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