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Australian Dried Abalone Soaked and All-Purpose Braised Abalone

澳洲溏心乾鮑 浸發及萬用炆鮑魚篇 - On Hing Dry Seafood

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Australian Dried Abalone Soaked in Hair

1. Wash the dried abalone, put it into an oil-free and salt-free container, add purified water and soak it. Just cover the dried abalone with just a little more water. Change the water frequently and soak for 48 hours before proceeding to the next step of soaking the dried abalone.

2. After the abalone is soaked, add purified water to the pot and bring to a boil over high heat. After boiling, cook for another half hour. If the abalone is still very hard at this time, you can cook for an additional 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let it sit for about 6-8 hours. When the weather is hot, the time can be shortened to avoid the abalone from spoiling. Then fish out the abalone and cut off the mouthparts.

3. Put the cooked abalone into an oil-free and salt-free container, add purified water, cover it and place it in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator to continue soaking. If possible, you can freeze some ice cubes and add them to the lunch box, and the soaking effect will be better. This step should be soaked for 48 hours, and the water should be changed frequently during this period.

Braised Australian Dried Abalone

Preparation materials: 1KG pork belly (skin on, no need to cut), 1KG chicken feet, 30g rock sugar, 500g-1KG soaked abalone, 5 slices of ginger

1. Blanch pork belly and chicken feet

2. Cut the pork belly into 4 pieces. According to the 'hamburger' principle, put 50g chicken feet on the lowest layer, 2 pieces of pork belly on the second layer, soaked abalone on the third layer, and another 2 pieces of pork belly on the fourth layer. Spread the remaining chicken feet on a layer. Place all ingredients in a slow cooker, add water, 5 pieces of ginger slices, and 30g of rock sugar.

*Be sure not to add salt when cooking, otherwise the abalone will become as hard as a rock*

3. Boil for 8 hours. If there is not enough water during the process, add some boiling water. After 8 hours, turn off the heat and simmer for another 8 hours. At this time, the abalone is in the fermentation stage. After 8 hours, the color of the chicken feet, abalone, and pork belly will slowly turn darker due to the action of sugar.

4. After simmering for 8 hours, continue cooking for another 8 hours. If there is not enough water along the way, add hot water; after completing the above steps, the abalone will be basically cooked. Take the abalone out and place it on a plate.

5. The last step is to make abalone juice. The main material of abalone juice is the soup of boiled abalone. Use a clean small pot to take out the soup of boiled abalone and heat it. Add a small amount of rock sugar and oyster sauce and cook for 5 minutes. During the cooking process, the soup will slowly dry up, and it will be cooked until it is thick enough. Pour the abalone juice on top of the abalone to complete the dish of "Steamed Australian Dried Abalone with Green Side and Soft Heart"

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