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Soaking method of sea cucumber & small black sea cucumber

刺皇參&小黑刺參 浸發方法 - On Hing Dry Seafood

Soak method

    1. Soak the dried sea cucumber in clean water and place it in the refrigerator for 2 days, so that the sea cucumber can fully absorb the water inside and out .
    2. After soaking, take out the sea cucumber, steam the sea cucumber for about two hours, then place it in ice water (or put it in the refrigerator to soak in ice water ) for 1 day .
    3. After soaking the sea cucumbers for one day, clean the intestines of the sea cucumbers and then soak them in ice water for one day (or put them in the refrigerator to soak in ice water )

    PS: If you like a softer taste, you can continue to repeat the above method.

    Matters needing attention

    1. The utensils for soaking sea cucumbers must be clean and free of oil, otherwise the sea cucumbers will be infected with bacteria, which will affect the quality of soaking sea cucumbers.
    2. When soaking sea cucumbers, they must be soaked in ice water or placed in the refrigerator, otherwise sea cucumbers will be infected with bacteria, which will affect the growth of sea cucumbers.
    3. Try to use the method of water-proof steaming instead of boiling in hot water. Because sea cucumbers and sea cucumbers will rub against each other in boiling water/boiling water bubbles will rub against the skin of sea cucumbers, so the skin of sea cucumbers may wear off
    4. The "sea cucumber tendon" in the abdomen of sea cucumber has rich nutritional value and medicinal properties, and can be used to make soup or eat directly

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