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全澳配送 急凍產品

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The leading seafood specialty store in Sydney, Australia

Dried seafood online store

Missing the nourishing seafood of your hometown?
On Hing offers top quality abalone, ginseng, shark's fin and other dried seafood, delivered directly to your home from Sydney, Australia. Fresh ingredients, quality guaranteed!

On Hing Hao - the most trusted seafood expert in Sydney, Australia

Want to find top quality dried seafood in Australia? Anxinghao is your best choice!

We are the first seafood store in Sydney that combines physical stores and online platforms, as well as the integrated operation model of Anxinghao's own seafood processing factory.

Since its establishment, it has adhered to strict food safety standards in procurement, processing and storage to provide customers with the highest quality seafood products.

Whether you need daily dried seafood or are looking for top-notch abalone, ginseng and wing tripe, Anxing Hao can meet your needs.

All our products are carefully sourced from seafood by an experienced purchasing team and made using traditional processing techniques to ensure every bite is fresh and delicious.

Fresh ingredients, quality guaranteed

We firmly believe that only by strictly controlling quality can we win the trust of customers.

Anxing Hao insists on using the highest quality raw materials and has complete storage equipment and transportation services to ensure the freshness and quality of the products.

Raw material selection

We personally go to meet fishermen all over Australia, select reputable suppliers, search for a variety of local seafood, and select suitable raw materials. Anxing Hao ensures that the four main products are grown in wild and natural ways, bringing you the best quality and nutritious seafood.



We absolutely strictly control the production process and hygiene requirements, including: cleaning, drying, storage, etc. Anxing Hao ensures that the production process does not add any chemical substances and is 100% compliant with the Australian Food Safety Plan - Seafood Processing and HACCP standards and hygiene requirements. No bleaching, no preservatives, good processing monitoring and management, never destroying the original appearance and taste of seafood.


Packaging and mailing

Anxinghao's absolute advantage is "seafood processing factory·online sales·physical stores", a complete supply chain: from production and processing to packaging and sales; after processing is completed, it will be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse to ensure that the quality of seafood is maintained. In order to meet the demand of Chinese people all over the world for seafood, we also provide global mailing services: whether it is close to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, or long distance to the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, we can mail the Australian seafood produced by Anxing to you.


Online store, convenient shopping

Can you buy the best seafood without leaving home? That’s right! Anxinghao's online store makes everything easy.

Browse our comprehensive selection of dried seafood, including a variety of familiar seafood, from the comfort of your own home.

After placing the order, we will mail the fresh seafood directly to your home, saving you the trouble of traveling and traveling.

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How to get to Anxinghao?

Anxing is conveniently located close to Sydney city center and the international airport. It also provides home delivery services through global mailing services. Welcome to shop and visit.

海味乾貨儲存秘笈 - On Hing Dry Seafood

Tips for storing dried seafood

When you buy seafood, most of it is not eaten in a short time. The uneaten food must be properly stored to prevent the final ingredients from spoiling, which is...

Suitable for both gifts and personal use

An Xinghao's seafood is not only suitable for cooking healthy meals at home, but also suitable for giving as gifts to relatives and friends.

Whether it’s sea cucumbers that nourish and strengthen the body, fish maw that beautifies the skin, or abalone that symbolizes good fortune, Anxing Hao can meet your gift-giving needs.

We look forward to your visit!

Come to On Hing Hao to pick up your seafood today!

Browse our website for more details, or visit our Sydney store to start your seafood journey!

Anxing Hao

Unit 8/ 17-21 Henderson Street,

Turrella NSW 2205 Australia

We are more than just an online store

In addition to providing a convenient online shopping experience, Anxinghao also has a large-scale physical store. Our friendly store staff will patiently answer any questions you may have.

You can get professional consultation and advice when choosing dried seafood to help you find the best seafood products for you.

High quality | fresh | convenient

On Hing Hao - Australian seafood specialty store