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New Zealand Maw


The Basics of New Zealand Maw

Fish maw is actually fish maw, which is what we often call fish maw. Fish maw is a large white gelatinous object made from the swim bladder of sea fish. It is one of the traditional Chinese precious foods and a kind of seafood. The "belly" in "Bao Shen Wing Belly" refers to the normal It is maw. Fish maw is rich in collagen, but its taste is not obvious. It is often used as a cooking material. The general quality is mainly used to add stew to enhance the taste and consistency. The high quality can also be used to make dishes. Fish maw is divided into "duck belly" [freshwater perch], "zhajiao" [sea bass], "eel belly" [eel and eel], "yellow flower maw" [yellow croaker], "white flower maw" due to different fish species. Jiao" [white flower fish], "Guangdu" [codfish], etc., the value is also very different.


Fish maws produced locally in New Zealand basically come from one type of fish: Ling Fish (Genypterus blacodes). Ling Fish is one of the cod we often eat. Ling fish is rich in the South Island of New Zealand, and it can also be found in NSW, TAS and other provinces in Australia.

Nutrition of Maw

I guess many people know that fish maw is good, but where is the advantage? Fish maw is one of the eight delicacies of seafood. It is delicious and has high nutritional value. The main nutrients are high-grade collagen, iodic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, mucopolysaccharides, multivitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and other trace elements. . Its protein content is as high as 84.2%, and the fat is only 0.2%, which is an ideal high-protein and low-fat food.


The effect of flower gum

In fact, flower maw is not only a famous dish for banquets, but also has considerable nourishing and medicinal value to the human body. Fish maw is sweet in taste and mild in nature. It can be eaten by men, women and children. It is a precious product that nourishes but not dry. It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, moistening lung and nourishing liver, nourishing tendons, nourishing blood and hemostasis, nourishing qi and blood, dispelling blood stasis and reducing swelling, strengthening waist and knees, nourishing kidney and solidifying essence, calming fire, strengthening function, etc. It is of great benefit to enhance male sexual ability . It is often used clinically with traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases such as peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, rheumatic heart disease, aplastic anemia and vasculitis.

Fish maw can enhance the toughness and elasticity of muscle tissue, enhance physical strength, help the human body quickly eliminate fatigue, prevent skin aging, whiten the skin, make the skin delicate and smooth, have health and beauty therapeutic effects, and are regarded as beauty treasures by women. It is also helpful for the recovery of surgical patients' wounds. It is most suitable for people with weak waist and knees, excessive phlegm, weak Qi, and poor physical fitness to eat regularly.

Generally speaking, eating more fish maw can increase the chance of pregnancy. Women who are 4 to 5 months pregnant start eating fish maw, and eat it a few times before giving birth, so that they will feel more comfortable after giving birth, and the baby's skin and resistance will be better. Eating after childbirth can promote the recovery of the uterus and allow wounds to heal faster and better.

Fish maw can also strengthen the brain and nerves and internal functions, promote growth and development, improve thinking and intelligence, maintain normal secretion of glands, and prevent mental decline, neurasthenia, unresponsiveness, slow nerve conduction, chronic spleen wind in children, women Menstrual deficit, insufficient maternal milk secretion, red and white vaginal discharge, metrorrhagia, senile forgetfulness and insomnia have significant curative effects. It is most suitable for tonic for puerpera and those recovering from a serious illness.

In addition, eating fish maw after surgery can also promote wound healing. Fish maw can enhance the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract, increase appetite, and help prevent and treat loss of appetite, anorexia, indigestion, abdominal distension, constipation and other diseases. In addition, flower maw also has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. The advantage of aged fish gum is that the concentration of gum is reduced, making the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body. Flower maw nourishes both yin and yang, and it is not suitable for people with deficiency fire, sore throat and colds.


Maw preservation

The longer the fish maw is stored, the better. The storage of fish maw is most afraid of moisture and insects. The fish maw can be stored in plastic boxes, ceramics and other containers, with a moisture-absorbing agent at the bottom and sealed. It can also be stored in a rice tank, or sealed in a plastic bag and stored in a dry and ventilated place. In order to prevent the flower maw from getting damp, let the flower maw out and blow it in the dry season every year, or let it dry in the sun, but the flower maw exposed to the sun will curl and crack. The soaked fish maw should not be stored for a long time and should be eaten as soon as possible.


The color of New Zealand Maw

Since New Zealand fish maw comes from LING FISH in the deep sea, and LING FISH generally lives at a water depth of 700M, all LING FISH are wild. Because it grows in a relatively deep place, when the fish is caught on the surface, the drastic change in air pressure causes the maw of LING FISH to rise to a high altitude like a balloon and explode. Therefore, in New Zealand fish maw, it is often seen that the fish maw is not complete. Instead, there is a small hole at the bottom of the flower maw, which is caused by changes in air pressure. When the fish maw explodes, it often causes bleeding, so the color of most New Zealand fish maws is a little pink to deep red, because the fish blood seeps into the fish maw, so it is also called New Zealand blood glue. Other general fish maw tubes generally live in places where the water depth is several meters to 10 meters, and the water pressure does not change much, so they are generally relatively complete, and the thickness of the fish maw is not thick. Moreover, there is usually a layer of fat on the outside of the tube glue when it is fresh, and the fishy smell is strong, so many manufacturers use bleaching in order to make it beautiful without such a fishy smell. New Zealand fish maw is a deep-sea glue, and its fish maw grows firmly on its main bone without a layer of fishy fat on the outside, so it only needs to be simply dried and its fish maw is already full of strong fish fragrance.


The shape of New Zealand Maw

The shape of New Zealand fish maw looks like pieces, which is different from tube glue. Because the maw of New Zealand fish maw is closely connected with the main bone of the fish, it needs to be separated with scissors when processing, so the fish maw that is generally dried is Pieces. The fish maw of the plastic tube is an independent individual. To take out the fish maw, you only need to cut open the fish. If you find the fish maw, you can take it out directly. After the fish maw is dried, it will be packed in a tube.


Air-drying treatment of New Zealand fish maw

Generally, New Zealand fish maw from family workshops looks crooked and has traces of clothespins, because the producers usually go to the fish store to buy fish maws, then clean them at home, and finally hang the fish maws on the hangers at home. In this case, there are two potential risks:

  1. Buy fish maws that are not fresh, because fish maws are high-protein substances. At room temperature, the protein will be lost quickly and a lot of bacteria will grow. After 1-2 hours in the air, it will produce a stench and the texture of the fish maw is like a wet paper skin, which is very easy to separate. The visual effects of the dried fish maw in this way are not very different from the fresh fish maw after drying, and the difference only exists when the customer soaks it. Therefore, it is recommended that customers generally not buy raw sun-dried goods.
  2. When drying the gum, it is exposed to an environment that insects and bacteria can touch. Since the fish maw itself has a fishy scent, when the fish maw is dried, it will attract surrounding insects, especially flies. In summer, the high temperature is suitable for the growth of flies, and drying fish maw in summer is the most risky. Because flies like to lay fly eggs in places with high protein, and they prefer to lay their eggs in the gaps, which are generally invisible to the naked eye. When the flower maw dries, it is very difficult to clean these things, because the maw is dry. It is difficult to flush from clean water to every unclean place. When customers bought these fish maws, they would feel extremely disgusted when they saw these things, and if they accidentally ate them, they would feel uncomfortable.
  3. The method of natural sun drying also directly affects the hair. Generally, natural sun-dried fish maw is soaked again, and the foaming rate is 2.2 times, that is, 1KG raw sun-dried fish maw is only 2.2KG after soaking.

Anxing uses low-temperature dried fish maw, which meets the Australian health requirements and prevents the above two risks. The color of the low-temperature dried fish maw looks clearer (natural color), and it is much higher than the natural color on the hair. sun effect. For example, 1KG of fish maw dried at low temperature can be soaked to produce 4KG of fish maw.

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