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Dried Fish Maw Australian Premium Cylinder Rubber King

Dried Fish Maw 澳洲特級筒膠皇
Basic knowledge of Australian super barrel rubber king
Fish maw is actually fish maw, which is what we often call fish maw. Fish maw is a large white gelatinous object made from the swim bladder of sea fish. It is one of the traditional Chinese precious foods and a kind of seafood. The "belly" in "Bao Shen Wing Belly" refers to the normal It is maw. Fish maw is rich in collagen, but its taste is not obvious. It is often used as a cooking material. The general quality is mainly used to add stew to enhance the taste and consistency. The high quality can also be used to make dishes. Fish maw is divided into "duck belly" [freshwater perch], "zhajiao" [sea bass], "eel belly" [eel and eel], "yellow flower maw" [yellow croaker], "white flower maw" due to different fish species. Jiao" [white flower fish], "Guangdu" [codfish], etc., the value is also very different.

product introduction
Fish maw is one of the eight delicacies of seafood. It is delicious and has high nutritional value. The main nutrients are high-grade collagen, iodic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, mucopolysaccharides, multivitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and other trace elements. . The protein content of fish gum is as high as 84.2%, and the fat is only 0.2%. It is an ideal high-protein and low-fat food.
Our Australian premium rubber tube uses 100% fresh Australian raw materials, local handmade, pure natural and no additives, the most mainstream fish gum in Hong Kong, the tube shape is called the fish gum tube, the shape and function of the male are not much different, so it is produced Merchants will not sell public tanks.

Features: Made of 100% Australian fresh fish maw, with clear herringbone pattern, good hair, very thick, and firm flesh

Efficacy: Rich in collagen, low-fat high-nutrition food, nourishing and nourishing blood, tonifying kidney and essence, nourishing yin and beauty, etc. It is most suitable for people with weak lungs and kidneys and anemia to regulate the body.
At the same time, it can provide long-term pregnancy and is a good product for pregnant women during pregnancy and confinement.