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King Ginseng & Little Black Ginseng


Product introduction

The sea cucumber / little black sea cucumber lives in the deep sea where the water quality is extremely clean and pollution-free. It is generally found at a depth of less than 20 meters under the sea. Under the action of high water pressure for many years, the meat of the New Zealand sea cucumber is relatively strong, and it survives in cold water. Grown in the area, its sea cucumbers are particularly rich in gum and have higher nutritional content than other sea cucumbers. New Zealand sea cucumbers are relatively thin in size, and the dried product is generally about 200 pieces per kilogram. If customers often eat open sea cucumbers, this sea cucumber is very Suitable. Because if you take 1-2 sticks a day, 1KG sea cucumber can basically be used for more than 3 months. Moreover, this kind of sea cucumber is a deep-sea sea cucumber with dense fiber and is very suitable for stewing soup. (After 1-2 hours of stewing, the sea cucumber is still the same. Completely in the soup) And the gum of this sea cucumber stew is comparable to that of New Zealand fish maw. (Like New Zealand fish maw, New Zealand sea cucumber also grows in cold water areas, and its growth process is slow. , and they are small in size but have very thick meat, so all the essence of sea cucumbers is concentrated in the body.) All sea cucumbers produced by New Zealand Acanthopanax are wild sea cucumbers, which are different from domestically farmed sea cucumbers in that they have more umami flavor. Moreover, sea cucumber has better nutrition and efficacy.


  • People suffering from colds, coughs with phlegm, acute enteritis, dysentery, and allergies should not eat seafood.
  • As long as gout patients do not eat too much, they will not suffer from gout attacks.
  • It is not easy to eat sea cucumbers with glycyrrhizic acid and vinegar, which will reduce the nutritional value of sea cucumbers.
  • For the same reason, it is not easy to eat with acidic fruits. If you can’t tell what acidic fruits are, please don’t eat fruits for about two hours after eating sea cucumbers.
  • Although sea cucumbers have high nutritional value, are rich in protein, and have a chewy and refreshing taste, please do not overeat!

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