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The mystery surrounding the dyeing of Anxing’s pearl meat? !

安興號珍珠肉染色疑團?! - On Hing Dry Seafood

" Why can Anxinghao's pearl meat remain orange and full of flavor? Are chemical dyes added to make it look better?" Let's continue to answer the mystery of pearl meat today!


Anxing always ensures that the goods are kept in the freshest state from the source of goods to post-processing. After arriving at the factory for cleaning, low-temperature drying technology is used to gradually reduce the moisture of the seafood and increase the dryness. This technology is the secret of Anxing Hao to produce high-quality dried seafood, so it promises to achieve excellent quality and guaranteed quality. Air-drying at too high a temperature will make the skin of the pearls redder or even browner; at the same time, a momentary loss of moisture will accelerate the shrinkage of the pearls, causing the appearance to become unsightly and even forming strange and twisted shapes. The fresh supply and unique technology make the pearl meat produced by Anxing Hao better-looking in appearance and color. The pearl meat is difficult and complicated to harvest, and the processing and manufacturing requires precise timing: after drying to the appropriate When it is taken out, it will show a perfect and beautiful orange color.


A small important point that customers need to cooperate with is to store the pearl meat in the refrigerator at -18 °C or below to maintain freshness, so that the pearl meat will not become moldy and will not change color or become hard, which will affect the eating experience. Anxinghao's pearl meat retains its texture and flavor, and the stewed soup will turn back into fresh white pearl meat, with the texture remaining chewy and the umami flavor remaining sweet with a strong pearl aroma.


This time, the answers to the seafood encyclopedia about pearl meat are complete!

Please look forward to what new knowledge Anxinghao will bring you next time.

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