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[New product debut] The representative of high quality, freshness and nature – Australian black pig ginseng

[新品登場] 優質、新鮮、天然的代表 – 澳洲黑豬婆參

Anxinghao brings you a new seafood experience!

New product launched [Australian black pig ginseng]

Australian sea cucumber originates from Oceania and has unique environment and natural advantages. Growing in clean sea areas makes it rich in nutritional value and unique umami taste. Therefore, it has become a treasure sought after by more and more people, and its edible value is even higher. Become a natural healthy food.

The black pig ginseng selected by Anxing comes from the local waters of Australia and is of high quality; it contains extremely high protein, rich natural active calcium, collagen, vitamins and other nutrients, which can promote skin elasticity and health, improve joints and Bone health and immune-boosting effects. Its raw materials are fresh and natural, mainly 100% processed and manufactured in Australia; its texture is thicker, rich in gum, sticky in the mouth, and elastic and chewy.

The pork ginseng produced in Australia is the best. Eating the full-flavored sea cucumber is like enjoying the taste of the ocean. Its large size is like a giant in the world of sea cucumbers. It absorbs beneficial substances in the ocean and converts them into nutrients needed by the human body, becoming a unique and precious ocean treasure. It is also a gift from nature, waiting for everyone to discover. The representative of high quality, freshness and nature – Australian black pig ginseng brings you the most advanced eating experience.

Anxing Hao's black pig ginseng has a dryness content of about 95% and needs to be stored in the refrigerator to avoid mold and deterioration.

This product needs to be foamed, and the foaming rate is about 4-5 times based on weight. It is also recommended to only use 1 product at a time for better foaming.

Anxinghao is available for sale in 3-4 pieces per kilogram or 5-6 pieces in 1kg. The official website has been put on the shelves simultaneously and can be purchased immediately.

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