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The production process of Anxing fish maw

安興號花膠的制作工序 - On Hing Dry Seafood

All fish maws sold by Anxing are from local Australia and New Zealand. The production process strictly follows and complies with the guidelines of the Australian Local Food Authority (NSW Food Authority). Anxing has also obtained the export certification issued by the Department of Agriculture of the Australian government, including HACCP, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), WI (Work Instructions) and GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices), food processing and production under it, 100% compliance with hygienic requirements.

Safer food, clearer choices | NSW Food Authority

HACCP Australia - eliminate the hazard - reduce the risk

The production staff will first clean the raw materials and completely separate the fish maw from the fish bone. The fish itself will have bloodshot and blood clots. The production staff will patiently clean it with clean water by cutting the bottom; the fish maw must be cleaned until it is completely free of any impurities and stains. Off-white state. Some fish maws will be slightly pink due to blood clots staying on the fish maw before production. This is actually very common. As long as the production process is handled carefully and in a timely manner, the quality of the fish maw will not be reduced and Affects the smell when eating.

It is often spread in the market that "the more golden the color of the fish maw, the better the quality." This myth is not accurate. Natural and unprocessed fish maw, under normal circumstances, in addition to the golden yellow color, will also have the natural pigment of the fish itself. Just imagine that the skin color of a person can be light or dark, and fish are the same. It is impossible for every fish maw to reach an absolute golden yellow color, and the color of the whole fish body is uniform. Anxinghao has been making fish maw for many years, and insists on never adding any bleaching agent during the production process, keeping the product 100% pure and natural.

The production staff will then put the bottom-cut and cleaned fish maw into a low-temperature dryer purchased locally in Australia for drying. In comparison, the method of "hanging for drying" is very common. When hanging for drying, due to the gravity of the earth, the belly of the fish will become tired. Anxing chooses to lay the fish maw flat on the iron rack when drying. The purpose is to make the whole fish maw be evenly baked without any cover or cover. This will ensure that all the nutrients of the fish maw can be locked and prevent Bad proteins and bacteria grow. The drying time is 3-4 days, so the fish maw produced will not get tired and has a flatter shape. The flat shape will not affect the effect after foaming.

After drying, we will put the fish maws into plastic bags according to their weight and size. During this period, the inspection will be carried out again to ensure that each fish maw meets the standard. The fish maws sold by On Hing are generally divided into eight grades according to size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, A and AA. After the measurement, the producer will immediately seal the plastic bag and store it in a cool, low-humidity place for sale.