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Why do girls like to eat maw? What Exactly Is Collagen?

為什麼女孩子都喜歡吃花膠?膠原蛋白究竟是什麼? - On Hing Dry Seafood

Hong Kong Dried Seafood Street Hunts Treasures for Mothers | The Epoch Times


When I was young, my grandma would take me to Seafood Street in Sheung Wan (we live on Hong Kong Island, and if we want to go to Sheung Wan, it’s just a tram ride away), especially on the eve of the reunion dinner, I would come here to buy some of my dad’s favorites Dried oysters, and fish maw. When I was young, I thought fish maw was an ordinary and slippery thing. When I grew up, I realized that it is a good thing. It is a famous product that women especially love. The reason is of course the collagen contained in fish maw.

Although everyone knows that collagen can make people's skin healthier, more delicate and shiny. But what exactly is collagen? Why can biologically have a positive effect on the skin?

Collagen is not only a substance unique to the skin, it is an important protein in the connective tissue of the human body. In the human body, it plays the role of structure and connection for cells, organs and systems. If we compare our body to a tall building, collagen acts as a steel bar.

In human skin, collagen accounts for more than 70% of the dermis, and has a triple helical structure, giving the skin strong tension and elasticity. At the same time, collagen is also a nutrition supply station for the epidermis and the organs on the epidermis, such as hair, to continuously provide moisture to the skin and keep the skin moist.


The importance of collagen to the skin is therefore obvious, regardless of skin regeneration, repair and nutrition play an indispensable role. Collagen makes the cells plump and swell, thus filling the skin and maintaining the elasticity and moisture of the skin.

The collagen content in fish maw is extremely high, as high as 80% of its protein is collagen, otherwise it becomes a good choice for women to supplement collagen. Therefore, flower maw is the best natural beauty cosmetic for women, and the effect will be better if it is consumed for a long time!