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Frozen soup is a must-have for lazy people in fast food culture👍🏻

急凍湯品 速食文化 懶人必備👍🏻 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: 小红书@Shijingyan | February 20, 2024


Royal Concubine’s Ginseng and Fish Fillet Soup︱ How can migrant workers eat quickly after work🔥

I work as a worker in the morning and at night at 6️⃣. It’s already seven o’clock when I get home every day. I don’t know when I can cook again.


In the past few days, I have been preparing ingredients for the Spring Festival at home, and by the way I bought some cod fillet soup with ginseng and cod fish maw and shark fin soup.


Food preparation:

1️⃣Anxing Hao Royal Ginseng Fish Fillet Soup/Fish Maw Shark Fin Soup

2️⃣Cilantro and broccoli (you don’t need these two, add them according to your personal taste)


Production Method:

1️⃣No need to defrost, just open the package and put it in the pot

2️⃣Add 50 ml - 100 ml of water (stir a little⚠️ to prevent the bottom from sticking)

3️⃣Cook for 3 to 5 minutes and heat until boiling (low heat is recommended, and people should be nearby because the soup is thicker to prevent it from becoming mushy)

4️⃣You can add a little salt according to your personal taste

5️⃣Sprinkle in the spirit, mix the coriander and add the cooked broccoli

A bowl of gelatin-filled soup is ready. It’s so delicious🤤


There are also some upgraded versions

For example, Royal Concubine’s Ginseng and Fish Fillet with Rice, Royal Concubine’s Ginseng and Fish Fillet with Rice in Soup, which can also be used as the bottom of the pot to make hotpot🍲


Royal ginseng and fish fillet soup contains royal ginseng and cod fillet

Fish maw and shark fin soup contains cod fish maw and golden hook fin

The soup base is made from free-range chicken, cooked meat, shark fin bones and shellfish for three hours. There is no msg. The soup base is very rich and delicious, and it tastes delicious🤤


🦴🐶Direct🔍 On Hing Dry Seafood


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