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The second distinctive feature of Royal Cucumber: sea cucumber tendons!


Each type of sea cucumber has sea cucumber tendons, which are actually muscle tissue. Sea cucumbers move through contraction and relaxation. Most of the sea cucumber tendons are white and are connected to the sea cucumber meat. You may not notice it; many people in the market will remove it, thinking that it is the internal organs and intestines.

However, sea cucumber tendons are absolutely edible and even have richer nutritional value than sea cucumber meat.

However, the sea cucumber tendon of Royal Cucumber is called "Coral Clam" (not clam meat). It tastes crispy and chewy, but the orange color is more obvious than the white color. It looks scary, but it is actually safe to eat. Many restaurants use it. It’s great for cooking and is even sold in individual packages. Sea cucumber tendons have more nutrients than sea cucumber meat itself, especially "sea cucumber saponins" (scientific name: sea cucumber saponins), which can resist cancer.

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