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[New product debut] Australian black-edged soft-boiled abalone

[新品登場] 澳洲黑邊溏心鮑魚

Anxinghao brings you a new seafood experience

Australian seafood – Abalone has always been very famous: sweet, fresh, and of good quality. Many tourists who visited Australia bought a lot of Australian abalone for their own use back home and as gifts. Customers who have been patronizing An Xing Hao for many years should know that An Xing Hao has been selling Roei abalone, green edge abalone and brown edge abalone. It is also time to introduce black edge abalone to An Xing Hao in 2024!

The skirt of green-edged abalone is turquoise, and the skirt of brown-edged abalone is dark brown. So is the skirt of black-edged abalone inky black? No mistake! It's that simple!

Australian black-sided soft-hearted abalone (also known as black-lipped abalone) comes from Tasmania and nearby waters. It lives in the crevices of reefs with water temperatures of about 11-23 degrees and water depths of about 5-40 meters. The edges of abalone's ventral legs are black and wavy, hence the name "black-edged abalone". It can generally grow to 12-14 centimeters long, with a round shell, large flesh and thick flesh. This type of abalone has soft and glutinous meat, rich and fragrant taste, and a strong abalone flavor. As a "treasure of the sea", abalone has rich nutritional value: high in protein and low in fat, containing calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamins; it improves immunity, moistens the lungs and kidneys (replenishing a weak body), nourishes blood and qi, and aids digestion. Menstrual period.

Black-sided abalone will be larger than Roei abalone, but smaller than green-sided abalone and brown-sided abalone, so it is a medium-sized abalone.

Anxing Hao's black-sided abalone needs to be stored in a refrigerator (0-4 °C) to avoid mold and deterioration. This product needs to be foamed, and the foaming rate is about 3-4 times based on weight. Available in Anxing (500g/1kg) 9-11 heads, 12-14 heads, 15-19 heads and 20-24 heads.

The official website has been put on the shelves simultaneously, welcome to purchase. If you have any enquiries, please contact us.

WhatsApp: +61 4 7776 9299 | WeChat: onhingAUS

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