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Anxinghao- Dessert Series- Stewed Raw Pear with New Zealand Fish Maw

安興號 - 甜品系列 - 新西蘭花膠燉原梨 - On Hing Dry Seafood

New Zealand Fish Maw Stewed Raw Pears Recipe

Frozen New Zealand Fish Maw - 1KG with 4 packets of 250g each
Put it in the fresh-keeping layer before use. This method of thawing is the best way to maintain the nutritional value and gelatinous state*

Ingredients: (The following quantities are up to personal preference)

1-2 slices soaked/frozen fish maw, 1 snow pear/crystal pear, ¼ slice snow fungus, some apricot, 1 small rock sugar, 5 wolfberries

1. Soak snow fungus and southern and northern apricots in cold water for 3-4 hours.
2. Cut a knife on the top 1/5 of the pear as a pear cover, and the pulp can be squeezed for juice/eat directly.
3. Put the fish maw, northern and southern apricots and rock sugar into the pear bowl.
4. Put it in a stewing pot and simmer for 60 minutes on low heat, add wolfberries in the last 10 minutes and serve immediately.
*If you don’t have a stew pot, you can also cook it, the stew will be more authentic*

:: Tips:: Generally, 4:1 / 6:1 South apricot: North apricot is used; moistens the lungs and relieves cough, moistens dryness and eliminates stagnation; but pay attention to the toxicity of the north apricot, adults only need about 10 grams per day, excessive can cause acute toxicity