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Gospel for Lazy People | Eat Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber Health Soup in 5 Minutes

懒人福音|无泡发5分钟吃上花胶海参养生汤品 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: @小红书| August 12, 2021


What do you all want to eat on Valentine's Day?

I like to keep healthy, and I found a healthy and nutritious soup that is especially suitable for lazy people or handicapped people~


That's right, after I saw that Anxing, which I often buy seafood, launched a new product of "Frozen Instant Health Soup", I immediately placed an order to try it! I also specially chose around Valentine's Day ~ it is the most practical and practical 🎁 for myself and my husband. Now buy 4⃣️ get 1⃣️ free, there is no reason not to buy it! (I'm so good at housekeeping😄)


Thinking that men are suitable for eating sea cucumbers, women eat fish maw more

I ordered the following two new products:

1️⃣ Guifei ginseng stewed fish fillet soup (230g)

Contains Australian ginseng ➕ Australian cod fillet

2️⃣Shark fin soup with cod fish maw (230g)

Contains Australian cod fish maw and Australian golden hook fin


✨Traditional way of eating (gospel for lazy people and handicapped party)

1️⃣ Unpack the package, add about 100ml of water to the pot, put in the frozen soup cubes, and cook until it boils

(Add water to prevent burnt, because the soup is super rich)

2️⃣Fill the pot with water, put the food bag directly into the pot and heat it completely, pour it out and eat it directly

✨There are two creative ways to eat:

1️⃣ Risotto

Covered with a small bowl of rice, served with broccoli and other vegetables

Turned into a bowl of rice, this soup is too good to pour on the rice

2️⃣Golden Fish Maw🐔Small Hot Pot

I added pumpkin puree and a few pieces, and it instantly turned into a small hot pot with golden soup and fish maw~ as smart as me😄

Be sure to drink the original soup first‼ ️ Mouth full of collagen, experience the happiness of sticking your mouth together‼ ️

Then simply boil some tribute vegetables and meatballs, this pot is so fresh!


🛒I often buy seafood at Anxing, and the quality of sea cucumber, fish maw and scallops is of good quality, and this frozen one does not add any MSG seasoning, and it has a 💯chun natural broth!


🔎under popular science

"Nutritional value of sea cucumber"

I used to give my husband Liao ginseng brought from China. It is very good for men to eat sea cucumber. In addition to being rich in super high protein, it also helps to improve immunity. In autumn and winter, my family eats one every day. By the way, sea cucumber can also delay the disease. Gonadal aging and so on.

"Nutritional value of fish maw"

I myself eat two or three pieces every morning on an empty stomach. I have persisted for seven or eight years. Cod fish maw contains a lot of collagen, with a protein content as high as 84%, and a very low fat content. I am not afraid of getting fat after eating it, but I can also eat it tight. With a face full of collagen, there is no reason not to eat it!


✨But everyone thinks that soaking hair is really troublesome

This is one of the reasons why many people can't stand it.

Don't be afraid now, there is this kind of quick-frozen instant food health package, no cooking skills required! You will be able to eat good health food, so don’t rush to buy such convenient and delicious food~


💰Where to buy get?

Available in Umall and guan🕸️ from today

Buy 4️⃣ get 1️⃣ wool not to be missed‼ ️


@life potato @food potato @不吃饭学习 @Potato captain

#我的美食日记#Sydney Food#Anxinghao Australian Seafood Specialty Store

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