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全澳配送 急凍產品

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Manchurian Banquet at low cost⁉️Fifteen minutes quick hand Poon Choi

低成本制作满汉全席⁉️十五分钟快手盆菜 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: @小红书2021-11-30


Two days ago, two rare customers suddenly said that they would come to my house for dinner I don't have any preparations in a hurry, but I still need to use something that can be brought to the table when entertaining guests..... I remembered that there were still two bags of Anxing's specially selected Poon Choi in the refrigerator! Quickly take it out to support the scene hahahaha

This Poon Choi is also a bowl of universal soup base. The preparation method is as follows:

1⃣️No need to thaw out Poon Choi

2⃣️Add appropriate amount of water (the more water, the lighter the taste, and the less water, the thicker) and cook until boiling

3⃣️At this step, you can add the complimentary small soup bag to make the taste more intense; or you can just take it out and drink it is ok

4⃣️The remaining soup base is used as a side stove 🍲Blanching some vegetable balls is also very good 👍🏻!

I bought this special Poon Choi Golden hook fin ➕ Australian cod fish maw ➕ Royal ginseng ➕ special broth, selling for 78🔪I think it's very appropriate‼ ️ I just picked up some ingredients from the refrigerator, and they all look very good; the advantage is that it is cost-effective and saves time!

Now there is still an activity to buy any kind of Poon Choi and get a free serving of Concubine Ginseng Stewed Fish Fillet Soup, which is the small soup dumpling I mentioned earlier, those who don’t have much time to cook can do it🐛! "

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