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Eat something different today|Deluxe Poon Choi🍲Learn more

今天吃点不一样的|豪华版盆菜🍲了解一下 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: @小红书2021-11-29


·Worried about what to eat tonight...

Open the refrigerator and see that there are still several large bags of Poon Choi

Sudden whim💡, do something different tonight😎

·Make a Poon Choi and eat it (you can also call it thick soup🍲pot)

·Although the ingredients at home🈶️ are limited, but we have a deluxe version of soup base that is enough👍

✔️Super simple operation steps:

1⃣️Take a pack of luxurious Poon Choi (Because ➕, premium yuan xiao, premium oyster sauce, golden hook fin, Australian cod fish maw, concubine ginseng, the ingredients are very luxurious 👍)

2⃣️ High soup bag, *no need to thaw*, remove the package, add 200ml of water to the pot, ➕ a few slices of ginger, heat to boil.

3⃣️Pour in the prepared ingredients one by one 🧄

Because I was too lazy to go out, I just put some at home now 🈶️.

If you want to cook the ultra-luxury version🉑️, you can order👉char siew, ham slices, fresh abalone, orchid, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, lean meat, chicken, prawns, scallops🐚, meatballs, etc. You can put whatever you want😜 .

4⃣️If you want to put on a plate, just put it on a plate after cooking. I smell the fragrance and eat it in a hurry. This step is saved 😂😂. In fact, I should put a few broccoli 🥦 for decoration, but I really don’t want to go out 😂, but it is delicious enough to cook like this😋.

✔️Because the soup base is very rich and the taste is very strong, the cooked food is particularly sweet and delicious. It feels like the essence is all in the soup...

✔Feeling ️🈶️With this soup base, it saves a lot of time, and you can 🉑️have a hot meal in 10 minutes...

✔️My husband is happy to eat, I strongly suggest that for the Christmas 🎄 dinner, make a super luxurious version of Poon Choi as the main course, to add to the fun, hehe...easy, arrange it😎.

✔️However, I have to stock up on a few more packs of Poon Choi 😂😂😂

✔️Ultra-fast Hand Poon Choi, the video is for your reference, you can try it if you like it😋😋

✅The soup base of Poon Choi is made from shark bone and lean meat🐔, the original taste.

I took that one before: golden hook wings, Australian cod fish maw, and the super high-grade soup base of Guifei ginseng. I cooked the noodles once (a bit extravagant😂), and the taste is also delicious do not miss it.

If you are interested, you can check out the previous video 😜

#料菜#Christmas Meal#Quick Hand Food#Sydney Food#Homemade Poon Choi

Posted on 2021-11-29 13:16

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