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3 Recommended Autumn and Winter Nutritious and Healthy Foods



Entering autumn and winter, the weather becomes unpredictable, hot and cold, and it is still during the epidemic. If you wear a mask for a long time, your skin may become dry, your airways may even become allergic. In the cold weather, the peak season of flu is coming again. In view of this, Anxing introduces the three nourishing and health-preserving foods of our store.

The Best Natural Beauty Cosmetics--Fish Maw

When it comes to nourishing the skin and helping the skin replenish moisture and elasticity, it must be flower maw. Anxing has been making fish maws for many years. In Sydney, Turrella’s workshop makes two kinds of fish maws: Australian cod fish maw and New Zealand fish maw . Each comes in a range of sizes and specifications to suit anyone. Recently, a frozen version has also been launched to make it easier for everyone to handle.

This female gift contains a lot of collagen, vitamins and a variety of minerals, which can increase elasticity and restore moisture to the skin. It also has anti-aging, elderly health care and immune-boosting effects.

Fish Maw Tips

Boil the flower maw in hot water for 5 minutes, you can put a little ginger and onion

Take out the flower gum and soak it in cold water overnight

When the water becomes turbid, replace it with new cold water, foam until satisfactory and serve

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Fish maw recipe click here

Calcium-supplementing and bone-strengthening famous soup--shark bone

The soup stewed with shark bones is full of flavor and very fragrant. There is a difference between the soup with and without shark bones. Those who have tasted it will know that it is heaven and earth, two worlds! In Australia, it is not easy to find shark bone, but you can buy it on Anxing's online store! Anxing's frozen shark fin bones can be sent to the Sydney area, and can also be delivered to all parts of China.

Coastal southerners have always had the habit of eating shark bones. When stewed, they have a nourishing effect and can also supplement calcium for the body.

When using shark bones to make soup, cut off the bone at the end to avoid the fishy smell of the soup.

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Shark Fin Bone Broth Recipe Click Here

Daily Nutritious Goods - Sea Cucumber

In autumn and winter, the intake of calcium and vitamin D by the human body is relatively small. To replenish the body, it needs to absorb more nutrients from the outside. Eating sea cucumbers in autumn and winter can replenish various nutrients and mineral elements in the body, and can also Boost your immune system and get ready for the cold winter!

Anxinghao is a sea cucumber specialty store. It mainly produces three types of sea cucumbers, including Australian Guifei ginseng , New Zealand ginseng , and Western Australia small black sand . Each has a choice of dry goods or frozen , suitable for everyone.

Soaking Sea Cucumber Tips

To be honest, soaking sea cucumber is more complicated than fish maw, and you need to be more patient when soaking hair, and it will be big and beautiful when it comes out!

  1. Soak the dried sea cucumber in clean water and place it in the refrigerator for 2 days, so that the sea cucumber can fully absorb the water inside and out.
  2. After soaking, take out the sea cucumbers, steam the sea cucumbers for about 60 minutes, then place them in ice water (or soak them in cold water in the refrigerator) for 1 day.
  3. After soaking the sea cucumbers for one day, clean the intestines of the sea cucumbers and then soak them in ice water for one day (or put them in the refrigerator and soak them in cold water)
  4. After soaking the sea cucumber in water for one day, take it out, and then steam it in water for 45 minutes. After steaming, soak it in ice water for 2 days (or put it in the refrigerator to soak in cold water) to complete the soaking.

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Sea cucumber recipe click here