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Premium Shark Fin Bone Gassho Melon Corn Corn Huaishan Soup (Serves 3-4)

1 premium shark fin bone, 2 slices of snails, 2 gasshang melons, 1 piece of corn, 40 grams of Chinese yam, 40 grams of citrus fruit, 40 grams of lotus seeds, 2 pieces of candied dates, 500 grams of pork belly
  1. Gassho melon peeled, cut into pieces; washed corn, cut into sections, set aside. Soak the snails in water and set aside. Wash yam, citrus, and lotus seeds with water, and set aside. Wash and boil the pig meat for later use.
  2. Put all the ingredients and other ingredients (except gassho melon and corn), and cook for 1 hour on open fire.
  3. Put the gassho melon and corn into the pot, continue to cook for 1 hour and serve.

Cold patients should not use scallops, but 20-30g of scallops can be used instead.

Shark Fin Bone: Contains a large amount of collagen, which can strengthen the immune system and strengthen bones.
Conch slices: nourishing yin and kidney, clearing away heat and improving eyesight Cishi: invigorating the spleen and strengthening the kidney, aiding qi.
Yam: invigorates the spleen, nourishes the stomach, nourishes the lungs, clears heat and detoxifies, relieves cough.
Lotus Seed: Tonifies the spleen and relieves diarrhea, nourishes the kidney and astringent essence, nourishes the heart and calms the nerves.
Gasshang melon: also known as chayote, warm in nature, bitter and sour in taste. Clearing heat and detoxifying, soothing the liver and regulating qi, neutralizing and relieving pain, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.
Corn: Tonify qi, invigorate the spleen, and harmonize the stomach.

Shark fin bone has the effect of anti-cancer, strengthening the immune system, nourishing blood and Qi, and preventing osteoporosis. It has health care effect for adolescents in growth period and middle-aged and elderly people whose bones are beginning to age. And it contains a lot of collagen, which can be described as a good ingredient for women's beauty and skin care