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Have you heard of this sea cucumber? What is the difference between imperial concubine ginseng and common sea cucumber?

這種海參你聽過嗎?貴妃參和普通海參有什麼不同? - On Hing Dry Seafood

If you ask what sea cucumbers look like, nine out of ten will say they are black and long, but in fact, there are many kinds of sea cucumbers in the sea cucumber world, and one of them is called Guifei ginseng, which is round in shape. This kind of sea cucumber has orange tendons hidden in it, which is the concubine mussel commonly used in restaurants. There is also a part with the most nutritional value at the bottom of the sea cucumber, which is the flower of the sea cucumber. The older the sea cucumber, the higher the nutritional value of the sea cucumber flower. Anxing's homemade Australian ginseng is all with flowers. There are two choices of dry and frozen, and the internal organs have been removed, which is very convenient to handle!

This kind of sea cucumber lives in cold water areas all the year round, and its growth rate is much slower than that in hot water areas, resulting in very thick flesh and good gelatin.

nutritional value

Concubine ginseng is comparable to ordinary sea cucumbers in nutritional value, and can inhibit cancer cells and enhance human immunity. In addition, sea cucumber is rich in protein, multivitamins, amino acids and minerals. It is a rare healthy food with low sugar and low fat/cholesterol.

How to eat and taste

Concubine ginseng has strong medicinal properties, moderate gelatin, and a little springy taste, so it is very versatile to eat. It can be used to make soup, stir-fry, and porridge. Recently, it is also popular to put it in a hot pot and blanch it. It tastes like soup!

Soak method

Dried concubine ginseng needs to be soaked in hair. Soak the dried sea cucumber in clean cold water for 1-2 days, take out the sea cucumber and steam it in water for 1 hour, and then soak it in clean cold water for one to two days.
For detailed foaming method, please click here .

For convenience, you can also consider buying frozen ginseng , which can be eaten after thawing.

The broth ingredients include: free-range chicken, pork, shark's fin bones and shellfish, which are boiled for several hours and have a very luxurious taste .