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Shark Fin Bone File

鯊魚翅骨小檔案 - On Hing Dry Seafood

Shark bones, which we often hear about, are a famous ingredient in the stew industry. The stewed soup is milky white and tastes very sweet and delicious. But in fact, how much do you really know about this famous nourishing product that everyone recognizes as a "good thing"? What are the specific benefits? This article has the answer for you!

The shark bone of the Anxing is the cartilage in the middle of the golden hook fin. The wing bones should be pure white, except for the periosteum, which should appear slightly yellow. If the entire wing bone is white, it probably means that the merchant has added bleach, so be careful!


Stop tumor growth <br>Shark cartilage contains an angiogenesis inhibitory factor, which can inhibit the formation of new blood vessels and prevent the growth of fine blood vessels around the tumor, thereby resisting cancer.

Suppress inflammation and maintain joint health
Shark cartilage is rich in chondroitin sulfate, which is a type of mucopolysaccharide and is a lubricant between bones in the human body. Therefore, it can protect joints and relieve bone and joint inflammation. It is especially effective in treating diseases such as arthritis, bone spurs, ulcerative gastroenteritis and osteoporosis.

Enhance eyesight and immunity
Chondroitin sulfate also helps maintain the elasticity of the cornea and lens, which can maintain good vision for people whose eyesight has begun to decline. Shark bone also contains a large amount of calcium and various microelements. The ingredients of macerated shark bone become water-soluble, which is very easy to absorb and can enhance the body's immunity!

Supports the efficiency of vitamin C and vitamin A
Shark cartilage helps promote the production of vitamin A in the body and improves the absorption efficiency of vitamin C. In particular, vitamin C can help absorb chondroitin sulfate, promote the production of collagen and proteoglycans that maintain cartilage strength and elasticity, and is more useful for joint maintenance. It is an indispensable and important key.

Suitable for people <br>Mothers and infants, children, the elderly, the sick and infirm, and cancer patients

Taboo <br>Avoid if you are allergic to seafood. Shark bones contain a lot of calcium. People with excessive calcium in the body should consult a doctor.

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