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Seafood Encyclopedia | Fish lips | Actually it has nothing to do with fish lips?

海味小百科 | 魚唇 | 其實跟魚的嘴唇完全無關? - On Hing Dry Seafood

Fish lips are one of the eight delicacies of seafood and are an ingredient often used by chefs. However, there are actually many misunderstandings about this ingredient. Literally, fish lips should refer to the lips of fish, but the reality is completely different from this. Hey, what on earth are fish lips? What kind of cooking should be done? The editor is here to research and study with everyone!

Fish lips come from sharks

The lip usually refers to the skin of the shark's tail, also known as the fin skirt. If you remember what a shark's fin looks like, the tail has two separate upper and lower ends. The lip is the part between the two fins. There are no fins in this part. . After the fish lips are sun-dried/dried, they will turn into a thin, light yellow fish piece. In fact, the shape is somewhat similar to fish maw, and like fish maw, it needs to be soaked before use.

nutritional value

Although fish lips are obtained from sharks, they are certainly less expensive than shark fins, but this does not mean that their nutritional value is low. Fish lips are rich in collagen and very high in colloids, so they have skin care and beauty effects. It also has the effect of nourishing yin and replenishing deficiency.

How to choose high-quality fish lips?

According to information from the Hong Kong Catering Management Association, when purchasing fish lips, you should try to choose natural, light yellow, insect-free and complete fish lips. Sometimes, in order to make the fish lips golden yellow, suppliers will add alum, hydrogen peroxide and sulfur to make the color more attractive. Therefore, when purchasing, try to avoid fish lips that are too beautiful and golden in color.


When the ingredients are not in use, seal the fish lips and store them in a cool, dry place. It can be stored in a refrigerator under humid or changeable weather conditions.


The method of preparing fish lips is similar to the general steps of marinating seafood. If you want to take your dishes to the next level, consider giving them a base before cooking. Methods as below:

  1. Boil the soaked fish lips in water first, put some ginger slices in the pot, boil the water and put the fish lips in for about 2-3 minutes, take them out and wash them with clean water.
  2. Pour in the clear soup, green onion slices, ginger slices, and a little Shaoxing wine, bring the fish lips to a boil over low heat, simmer over low heat for about 8 minutes, and drain out the soup.

Fish lips are usually used to braise and cook soup/soup. Creative people can also try new cooking methods!

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