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The number of fish maws: an indicator of luxury taste

花膠頭數:品味奢華的指標 - On Hing Dry Seafood

In the eyes of the Chinese, fish maw has always been regarded as one of the representatives of precious ingredients. However, in addition to quality, the number of fish maw heads has also become an important indicator for evaluating its value and taste. This article will explore the concept of fish maw quantity and reveal its relationship with the quality, flavor and price of ingredients.

The number of fish maws refers to the size and weight of fish maws. It actually means "how many fish maws can be bought in one pound of weight." In other words, the fewer the numbers on the head, the bigger and heavier the fish maw is. Generally speaking, the number of fish maw heads is divided into several different levels, such as 8 heads, 10 heads, 20 heads, etc. 8 fish maws are larger than 20 fish maws. These numbers reflect the value and quality of fish maw, and directly affect its pricing and popularity in the market.

The number of fish maw heads is closely related to its quality. Generally speaking, fish maws with a higher number of heads tend to be plumper and have a more elastic texture. This is because larger fish maws provide more fullness and are more likely to release rich umami flavors and nutrients during cooking. Therefore, fish maw with a high number of heads is often regarded as a high-quality choice.

Of course, the number of fish maws also affects its price. Generally speaking, fish maws with a higher number of heads are relatively more expensive because they are rare and more precious. Fish maws with high head counts often require longer time and skill to extract and process, which is also reflected in their prices. However, this does not mean that lower-count fish maws are of inferior quality, they still have unique flavor and value and are more price competitive.

The fish maw products purchased from Anxinghao do not contain any chemicals or additives from harvesting to processing. We strictly control every production step to ensure that each piece of fish maw maintains its original nutritional content and taste.

We have also noticed that after the epidemic, many more people like to cook at home and are more interested in the nutritional value of seafood. Therefore, our fish maws are always divided into large, medium and small sizes. It is more convenient and easy for customers to buy fish maw!

We emphasize not only the "number of heads" of the product, but also the quality and purity of the product. That's why our products can be called 100% natural. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality, healthiest and safest fish maw products, so that everyone can enjoy the fragrance and nutrition from nature with peace of mind.