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By: @小红书| August 12, 2021

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I think good skin and good body are developed slowly. Before 🈶️ I shared my beauty and freckle tea 🍵 and white fungus, red dates and lotus seed soup with everyone. Today I will share with you my latest nourishing health soup😊.

In fact, I used to buy fish maws, sea cucumbers and other dry goods to soak them by myself, but there was always a problem of unbalanced softness and hardness of the soaked hair, and it took several days to soak each time, and I had to mix the ingredients together Stewing takes too long, and sometimes it feels very troublesome. Recently, I saw that [Anxinghao], who has been buying her dry goods, has released frozen health soup dumplings. The ingredients are all well-matched, and the way of eating It is very convenient and the price is affordable, so I bought a few packs and came back to try it out.

Let’s do a simple share today, I bought two:

1⃣️Shark fin & cod fish maw soup (in red packaging)

2⃣️Ginseng & cod fillet soup with flowers (blue package)

Their soup bases are all original, all-natural, premium broths! No added MSG, no thickeners. The ingredients are matched: free-range chicken, lean meat, shark fin bones, shellfish, etc. are boiled for three hours, and the taste is really delicious.

✔️Eating method is also very simple, it is more suitable for friends who are afraid of trouble😜

✅Method ❶: Open the package, add about 100ml of water to the pot, put in the frozen soup, and boil until it boils.

✅Method ❷: Fill the pot with water, put the food bag directly into the water to heat thoroughly, pour it out and eat it.

✔️I am used to cooking with method 1⃣️, after boiling, put some tofu, green vegetables 🥬, small mushrooms 🍄 and so on, just like eating a small hot pot. It can also be served with noodles or rice. It is convenient, healthy and nutritious, and the key is to save a lot of time👍.

✔️Use it directly as a hot pot 🍲 soup base is also good, two packs of soup is just right for two people, it is delicious to cook with various things you like.

✔️And the whole family can eat it together. By the way, I will tell you about the effects of sea cucumber, shark fin and cod. (You can skip it if you eat it often 😄)

🔹Efficacy of concubine ginseng:

It has the effects of improving memory, delaying gonad aging, preventing arteriosclerosis, diabetes and anti-tumor.

🔹 Efficacy of cod fish maw and cod meat:

Rich in collagen, it can nourish yin and strengthen yang, nourish qi and appetizer, and has medicinal effects such as preventing bone aging and preventing bone spurs.

The "shark chondroitin" contained in shark fin cartilage can prevent and fight cancer, nourish the skin and prolong life.

Well, that’s all for today, and I’ll share other good things next time

✔️Yesterday I saw Guan🕸️ and Umall are now 🈶️buy 4⃣️get 1⃣️ free 😜, hurry up and stock up a few more packs😎.

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