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Fish maw soup is stewed like this, nourishing and nourishing but not dry

花胶汤这样炖·养颜滋补而不燥 - On Hing Dry Seafood
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By: @小红书| December 15, 2020


Today, I will be a guest "cook lady" and recommend to everyone a 👍🏻 super nourishing, nourishing but not dry, nourishing stomach and reducing fire but not greasy fish maw soup - Stewed Quail with Dendrobium and American Ginseng.

Everyone doesn’t know that I am actually a cook at home😝, right? As a Cantonese, I have been more particular about “eating” since I was a child, and I especially know how to keep healthy. Cantonese people do have a special research on soup making, and also have a deep knowledge. I drink soup at least three times a week. I love soup very much, and I firmly believe that drinking soup can nourish the skin and regulate the body.

Maw, for women, is indeed a boon. Fish maw is rich in high-grade collagen, which can beautify women's skin after eating it. Generally everyone likes fish maw stewed chicken soup, but the chicken soup is too hot and dry, but it can't achieve the nourishing effect, and it is particularly greasy in summer. My physique is that I can't stand chicken soup. I have a sore throat the next day after drinking it.

Recently, the weather in Sydney ☁️ is hot and cold, and it is easy to catch a cold. In this season, we should drink more soup that is nourishing but not dry, and keeps us healthy. This Stewed Quail Soup with Dendrobium and American Ginseng is a good choice.

I use quail instead of hot chicken, quail is not greasy, very sweet, nutritious and delicious✨. Dendrobium and American ginseng are added to the soup, which is especially suitable for night owls. It has the effects of nourishing yin and reducing fire, nourishing the stomach and promoting body fluid, improving eyesight and protecting the liver. People in the north probably don't know much about dendrobium. It is also a relatively expensive medicinal material in Guangdong soup, which is very beneficial. You can choose to use a stew pot, wash all the ingredients in Figure 5 and put them into the stew pot, adjust the time, after stewing, add a little salt 🧂, it is fresh and refreshing.

Fish maw, I bought New Zealand 🇳🇿 fish maw S from the official website of "安兴号" @安兴号. I want to say that in summer, I don’t want to drink so greasy, and I don’t want to soak it for too long, so I bought the small fish maw specially this time. In winter, you can choose to buy a larger size of fish maw. Personally, I prefer New Zealand fish maw. I feel that the taste is better and the fishy smell is lighter. The characteristics of the fish maw of "Anxinghao" are: the processing is all natural, insists on not adding bleach, and is dried indoors, so there will be no insects in the room, and there is no need to add any chemicals to drive away those insects. You can buy with confidence. It is also very convenient to place an order online👇🏻, and it will be delivered to my home soon.

If you feel that the common stewed chicken soup with fish maw is too monotonous, you might as well try the "Quail Soup Stewed with Dendrobium and American Ginseng" that I introduced today! 😆 Hope you like my recommendation today!

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