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Do-it-yourself summer "King Fried" desserts that hit the soul~💗

自己动手做直击灵魂的夏日"王炸"甜品~💗 - On Hing Dry Seafood
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By: @小红书| September 27, 2020


Give the babies Amway my daily beauty artifact ~ "Flower Maw"

The "Anxinghao" Australian seafood specialty store that I often buy recently

In the mid-autumn event, buy fish maw and give away frozen imperial concubine ginseng, immediately ordered another S size on the official website! You can make Q-bomb and tender flower jelly by yourself~ Now you can enjoy a 15% discount, it’s a good deal✅

💞Women eat fish maw not only for beauty and blood

And it's good for ovarian and uterine repair

It can be said that I have insisted on eating fish maw for about 7 or 8 years~

Whether it is daily / pregnancy / pregnancy or breastfeeding, I have insisted on eating

The complexion of the two babies is very good after delivery, and the uterus recovers well after the normal delivery~

💞【My favorite way to eat】

① Eat directly in the morning (suitable for all seasons)

In the morning, eat two or three pieces on an empty stomach, and then eat

②Fish maw soup (autumn and winter favorite)

I like to throw the whole piece straight into the soup pot and simmer for 3 hours

③Fish maw panna cotta (summer favorite) ❗It is also a key recommendation in this issue❗

💟I made 6 flavors rose/mango/cocoa/cotton candy/matcha red bean/osmanthus/

The ratio of fish maw to milk is 1:10. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes. After cooling, refrigerate for 5 hours before eating~ QQ bombs, sweet and smooth, it is simply the king of summer fried!

Fish maw is delicious and not fat, zero burden~

Buy now and get 15% discount and gift! What are you waiting for!

In order not to look old, the fairies quickly buy it and eat it💃

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