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Food Diary|Homemade delicious and beautiful collagen

美食日记|在家自制好吃又养颜的胶原蛋白 - On Hing Dry Seafood
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By: @小红书| October 12, 2020


Ten pairs of traditional Chinese medicine, not as easy to mend as flower maw

Especially for women, fish maw is the best repair agent

From the outer skin all the way to the zi gong inside the body

I started eating fish maw after I got married, and I haven’t stopped eating it until I was pregnant.

In addition to the daily stew, I personally prefer fish maw milk jelly

The following are the steps of making fish maw milk jelly at home

It is also an easier way to prepare


Prepare ingredients:

Maw (search "Anxinghao" on easi)

Peach gum, snow swallow (Tai Kee GIA in market city)

rock sugar, whole milk


❶ 1-2 slices of fish maw, add ginger slices, steam for 5 minutes

❷ After the flower maw is steamed, soak it in cold water and put it in the refrigerator overnight. If the water becomes cloudy, change the water in time

❸ Peach gum and snow swallow, 5 each, add cold water to soak directly, put in the refrigerator for at least one day

❹ After one day, clean up the black dirt on the soaked flower gum, peach gum, and snow swallow, and then you can prepare for stewing

❺Cut the fish maw into small pieces, add rock sugar and fresh milk, and simmer for 30 minutes. If you have jujubes at home, you can add 2-3 jujubes, but be sure to remove the pits from the jujubes, otherwise you will get angry!

❻After 30 minutes, add peach gum and snow swallow, then add fresh milk, cover all the ingredients, and simmer for another hour

❼ After stewing, take out the cup, divide it into small containers, and enjoy it directly. Now that the weather is starting to get hot, you can also put it in the refrigerator for one night after cooling down. The next day is a peach gum snow swallow flower jelly (the taste is the same as jelly, and it will be full of collagen) protein!)


Although 7:00-8:00 in the morning or 10:00-11:00 in the evening is the "golden period" for eating fish maw, I still like to eat it before going to bed, because milk calms the nerves and helps sleep, and the whole face looks special the next morning looks good


Regarding the variety of flower maw, butterfly glue and yellow flower glue are both acceptable. I usually buy them from New Zealand.

❶The water area is better, the sea area is free from pollution, and the colloid is also sufficient, which is easier to absorb in terms of meat quality

❷ Relatively chewy, the colloid is easy to see through and not rotten, suitable for long-term stewing, but you can still eat the fish maw


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