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Sydney·Sea Cucumber Freedom·Home Kitchen

悉尼·海参自由·家庭厨房 - On Hing Dry Seafood
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By: @小红书| January 28, 2021


The frequency of cooking at home has increased significantly during the recent epidemic🔝

It is necessary to cook differently 😄

I bought some dried sea cucumbers and fish maw at [Anxing]

The price of such a box is also very beautiful. The sea cucumber after soaking hair is also quite big.

It just takes some time to soak up (several days)

But the taste is definitely good enough


💎The process of soaking sea cucumbers:

1⃣️After unpacking, put the sea cucumber into a container that can be stored in the refrigerator, pour the sea cucumber into the sea cucumber, fill it with water, seal the lid and store it for 2 days

2⃣️Wait for 2 days, then take it out and steam it in the steamer for 60 minutes. After steaming, continue to put it in new ice water and store it in the refrigerator for 1 day

3⃣️After soaking for a day, take it out, clean the sea cucumber intestines, continue to soak in ice water, put it in the refrigerator and wait for 1 day

4⃣️After 1 day of soaking, take out the sea cucumber and steam it in water for 45 minutes. After steaming, soak it in cold water for 2 days and it will be successfully soaked.

💎The most successful thing we have done is the rice with sea cucumber and abalone sauce!

The materials that need to be used are (abalone juice/starch/light soy sauce, etc. for seasoning)

Still very easy! Abalone sauce with sea cucumber is absolutely delicious, needless to say

Be careful not to overcook the sea cucumber during the stewing process, it will become smaller

As a side dish, you can choose broccoli and other small seafood to embellish

The sea cucumber is super tender and smooth, and the Q bomb is really awesome

In a few days, I plan to repurchase and develop some new dishes😄

And recently there are awesome new year promotions✨✨

Free 50g shellfish and dried oyster with purchase over $50

🤩I have to buy it quickly! !

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