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Sharing from FB@谢谢头食记What to eat in Sydney - Celebrating the Chinese New Year, Gathering and Eating Poon Choi

來自FB@悉尼胃食記 What to eat in Sydney的分享 - 迎🐰慶新春,歡聚吃盆菜篇 - On Hing Dry Seafood

Sharing from FB@谢谢头食记What to eat in Sydney- welcome 🐰 Celebrating Chinese New Year, get together and eat Poon Choi

Click to read more 👉🏻Share from FB@谢谢头食记What to eat in Sydney- welcome 🐰 Celebrating Chinese New Year, get together and eat Poon Choi

welcome 🐰 Celebrating the Chinese New Year, get together and eat Poon Choi. The Lunar New Year is approaching, many people have returned to Hong Kong or traveled, but they want to eat poon choi, few people in the family can try it ✨️ Anxing 🦐 Poon Choi from On Hing Dry Seafood. The seafood has been soaked, and the soup can be eaten as soon as it is put into the water and heated, saving time and effort.
Anxinghao is a time-honored brand of seafood produced locally in Australia. There are two types of ready-to-eat frozen Poon Choi 🍲 :
🥘 Special Frozen Poon Choi Special Selection Frozen Poon Choi
Contains: frozen ginseng, cod fish maw, golden hook fin and super broth
🥘 Premium Frozen Poon Choi Deluxe Frozen Poon Choi
There are: premium dried oysters, premium scallops, cod fish maw, concubine ginseng with flowers, golden hook fins, and premium broth. ( 🙋‍♀️ personal recommendation)
🥢 Poon Choi serves 2-3 people. The soup base is the most delicious, and you must drink even the soup. 🥣 The soup base is made of free-range chicken, lean meat, shark fin bones, and shellfish products, and boiled for 3 hours to make a pure natural super broth (remember to taste before adding ingredients, no MSG).
The soup base is milky white, rich in fish flavor, with the smell of shark fin bone 🦈 , so creamy! If you really want to drink it, it’s good, it’s real 🤤
The seafood has been soaked and fermented for several days. It is really convenient to eat a pack of water and heat it.

🔥 Heating method:
No need to thaw, just add it in 15 minutes and eat it!
Add about 150ml of water into the pot, unpack the frozen soup bag, pour it into the pot, and bring to a boil.
😋 Remember to drink the soup first, the original taste. I have no problem adding 50ml of water secretly, the soup is still full of flavor, drink it well!
After removing all the seafood, add other ingredients, this time I added Chinese cabbage, scallion fish balls, dace fish balls, bean curd to make the taste richer 😋 ! Cover and cook for 5 minutes.
🥬 You can also add coriander/scallions and salt to taste, then simmer ramen/udon to make it fuller.
Even if it doesn't matter, it's worth it!
🥢 Feeling after eating:
⭐ There are many pieces of concubine ginseng with flowers, which are thick and refreshing. It has been cleaned and its internal organs removed. The orange sea cucumber tendon is edible and has the most nutritional value. Don’t waste it. Remember to eat it 😋
⭐ The golden hook fin is taken from the part of the tail fin of the shark, and the fin needles eat a little bit, and the taste is positive 👍
⭐ The cod fish maw is soft, big, and has collagen, my favorite!
✨️ 🦪 There are 3 pieces of dried oysters, and the meat is hard and clean (luxury pots are available, special selections are not)
✨️ 🍘 Yuan scallop meat, 3 pcs (luxury Poon Choi available, premium selection not available)
🦐 Friends who like to eat delicious seafood pot vegetables and drink delicious soup, you might as well give it a try this year 🤤
Food scare Poon Choi should be scare Festival, I wish you all a pot 🈵 Porter 🈵 ! happy family 🈵 ! 🎉 🎉 🥳 🥳
Click to buy 👉🏻Frozen Poon Choi SpecialFrozen Deluxe Poon Choi

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