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秋冬活動:買滿$150 全澳免運

全澳配送 急凍產品

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What to eat tonight|Only $15! Home version of Kuaishou Sea Cucumber Rice 🥣

今晚吃什么|只要$15!家庭版快手海参捞饭🥣 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: @小红书| August 17, 2021


In the past, every August was spent eating, drinking and having fun in Hong Kong.

Ah Yi in Felicity Hotel is also one of the must-go restaurants!

If you can't go out this year, the more you can't eat, the more hungry you will be

I can only do it myself

Since the family does not have the habit of soaking sea cucumbers all year round

And sea cucumbers are too troublesome to handle😂

So the ingredients used this time are all frozen ready-to-eat series

Cook a rice by yourself, simply heat the ingredients

Michelin three-star sea cucumber fish rice is done


🍽Ginseng stewed fish fillet and rice

🍲Ingredient package: 30g Australian ginseng, 50g Australian cod fillet, 150g free-range chicken + shark fin bone + ham + fresh shellfish secret soup base

🥢Method: Pour all the ingredients into the pot, heat it on medium-low heat, and after about 10 minutes, you can pour all the ingredients into the rice

😋 Sea cucumber is high in protein, low in calories and fat, eliminates fatigue, repairs and restores human body functions, and prolongs life! Eating more sea cucumbers during the epidemic can also enhance resistance


🍽Golden Hook Fin Fish Rice with Cod Fish Maw

🍲Ingredient package: 50g Australian cod fish maw, 30g Australian golden hook fin, 150g secret soup base

🥢Recipe: The method is the same as that of stewed fish fillet with imperial concubine ginseng, the only difference is that you can remove the fish maw and golden hook fin first after rolling to avoid melting in the soup. Double the taste of collagen!

😋 In order to retain collagen, girls must eat more fish maw! High protein and low fat, not fat, but also can warm the palace and nourish blood, a good hand for dysmenorrhea


Because @安兴号 The soup bases at home are all original and not added.

So if you have a strong taste, you can add a little salt

Although they are all frozen and ready-to-eat

But the taste and nutrition are not inferior to fresh

It is also easy to save, and it is okay to stock up during the epidemic👌

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