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秋冬活動:買滿$150 全澳免運

全澳配送 急凍產品

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Nine large gui treats you to eat|First drink a bowl of nourishing fresh soup

九大簋请你吃|先喝一碗滋补鲜汤 - On Hing Dry Seafood

By: @小红书2021-12-06

Friends show up at home, and they can get seafood Poon Choi

Tsk tsk tsk, the fresh soup that we Cantonese people love most, it focuses on nourishing. I don’t need to cook it for a few hours. I will go to Anxing and order a special one to reward my friends🙈


My favorite bite is made of lean meat, free-range chicken, shark fin mozzarella, and seafood, boiled for several hours to make Didi essence

Plus golden hook wings, Australian cod fish maw, concubine ginseng... Oh my god, it's delicious [I was praised by my mother-in-law]


Super simple [production process]

- Unpack without thawing

——Add 150ml of water to the pot and heat until it boils to eat (remember not to cook for too long)

——Then make a bowl of nourishing soup with original flavor and no MSG, and then eat sea cucumber fish maw golden hook wings into your stomach.

——Finally, add roast meat (char siu, roast pork), orchids, fungi (mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms), lean meat, chicken, shrimp, meatballs, etc., a pot of seafood and poon choi is here


I bought the specially selected Poon Choi [2-3 servings] golden hook fins, Australian cod fish maw, concubine ginseng, super broth 💰78 knives, enough to eat, now buy any one of pot choi and get free concubine ginseng stewed fish 1 portion of willow soup, properly arranged for my friends...


#Sydney Food#Christmas Feast#New Spring Pot Choi#Pon Choi#Sea Cucumber Fish Maw#Anxinghao Australian Seafood Specialty Store#Living Potato @小红书video number

Posted on 2021-12-06 13:41


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